My outsides are blue, brown, and freckeled; but as for my insides, well, we're still trying to fabricate something presentable because what we have now is unacceptable.

a note from coree !

Sarah’s leaving the MTC soon, so that means she’ll have a new mailing address.  Hold off on sending anything for a few days if you haven’t done so already, so that you can send it to her new address when we find it out!  Thank you!

andrewlikeskittens asked: What's your address gonna be homie?

For the next 6 weeks ( until September 5) it’ll be:

Sister Sarah Elizabeth LaBanc

Carr. Tenayuca-Chalmita No.828,

Col.Zona Escolar, Deleg G.A. Madero,

C.P. 07230,Mexico, D.F.; Mexico

Send me some of those old fashion letter home bro :}
And I’ll reply with some excellent words of wisdom and secrets to life ;}
After the 6 weeks it’ll change, but you can find all the updates here:



This is it. I’m finally heading off to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the next year and a half! While I’m out I’ll be preaching the Gospel to as many who are willing to listen; additionally, I’ll be providing service in whatever ways I can. 

You know, it’s a little scary. I’m just picking up my life, putting a ton of knee length skirts in a suitcase and heading out to tell as many people as I can about the wonderful things I’ve come to know and love about the Gospel… in spanish! But above all that daunting fear is the greatest comfort that I wont ever be alone. And I know it’s true. I wouldn’t put so many choices and relationships and life events on hold if I didn’t truly know that this was the greatest thing I could be doing with my life.

So I leave this blog for the next 18 months with my simple testimony.
I know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church of Christ and The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. I know we have a prophet living today who leads and guides us, Thomas S. Monson. There is so much more I’ve come to know, but these 3 things make everything else true. Knowing this has brought the greatest peace and happiness to my life and I hope I can help others to feel that happiness.

Anonymous asked: Are you more protective of Coree or is she more protective of you? In any sense of the word I guess

We’re both extremely protective of each other, in a lot of ways.
In general I feel like she’s protective in the sense that she never wants me to settle for less than I deserve (hence some [not so] subtle animosity towards almost every guys I’ve come in contact with) and I am more protective in the sense that I never want her to be less than she can become, rather, I try my best to protect her from failure because I know she’s not a failure. 
But in a literal sense, if you were to hurt her in any way… I would quickly become the thief of all your joy -.-

Lord Huron

—She Lit A Fire


Government Issued Self,

I have the Military to thank for many things; namely my efficient packing skills, my expanded understanding for intricate political matters, my gratitude for sacrifice and the greater good, my immeasurable sympathy for people, but today I am thankful for my invaluable knowledge that I will never truly have any goodbyes, rather, a collection of see you laters.

So, to my family, dear friends, best friends, camera, computer, cell phone, pants… See you later.

Ben Howard

—I Will Be Blessed

Anonymous asked: What does it feel like for you when you know someone cares about you?

When it’s someone who suddenly cares about me, enough to open a door or ask if I need help it’s like holding hands with someone wearing fuzzy gloves in the winter when you forgot yours at home.
When it’s someone who cares about me, enough to ask me how my day really was or enough to hug me and let me sink into their arms so my legs can finally rest, it’s like waking up on a Saturday and knowing you don’t have school or work and you can sink back into bed and let your eyes resew themselves together. It’s complete and consuming comfort.
When it’s someone who cares, enough to let me occupy some of their time—be it day or night— it’s this electrifying sense of importance that catches my heart and pushes it deeper into my rib cage in a wonderful way.
When it’s Someone who cares, enough to give everything He has and that of which I have yet to comprehend, it’s like standing on top of a Mountain and feeling the greatest and grandest sense of divinity within yourself. So great and grand that suddenly everything about you feels invincible and awake and you could sing or dance or paint an expression of your soul and the product would inevitably be nothing less than magnificent.
That’s as close as I can get in a few sentences to how it feels when I know someone cares.

The Swell Season

—The Moon


Old Heart

I hate those moments we face right before we sink and break. It’s the same one I get right before throwing myself from the docks into the ocean.

Maybe that’s why I take part in those activities so much. I’m constantly preparing for our plummet.